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You may not have been aware of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (IMTD) before but it is a well respected UK based, international organisation that has as its members some of the best, most experienced, highly qualified and successful road safety practitioners and Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) in the UK and Ireland. Between them, our members have an unparalleled knowledge and experience of the Driver Training industry as a whole.

Because of this depth of knowledge and experience of the membership, the IMTD is in an excellent position to comment on Government proposals and consultations on road safety matters as we are seen by relevant Government Departments as a recognised ‘expert’ organisation on Road Safety and Driver Training matters.

IMTD is a ‘not for profit’ organisation run by a committee of well-qualified, elected, and unpaid volunteers from across the spectrum of the driver training industry. We run seminars for IMTD members to increase their understanding and knowledge of relevant driver training and road safety matters as well as distributing regular and relevant information updates by email.

Being a member of IMTD gives those involved in the driver training industry several benefits in furthering their knowledge of relevant driver training and road safety matters (as well as being able to network with the best in the industry). To become a member of IMTD is not a matter of just paying a membership fee. There is a process applied to ensure any applicants have a suitable level of both experience and relevant knowledge, which is verified before the applicant is granted Membership. Further details can be found from the Menu above under “Membership”.

Finally, this expectation of a high standard of Member is reflected in the IMTD Motto:

“Only The Best Shall Serve”


The IMTD has been in existance since 1957 and what has happened since then is given below. The Background. Driving instruction has existed in the UK since 1903 and the driving test since 1935

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Each and every member of the IMTD puts driver safety beyond any other industry issue, it is our dedication and our core aims that have helped shape and define what driver training is today, and where it is heading.

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IMTD historical achievements – The IMTD will often act as a professionally-minded pressure group, encouraging key people to take note of issues relating to our core goals. Our achievements include many

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IMTD Management Members- The IMTD is headed by a voluntary Executive Management Committee elected by the Membership annually at the AGM in September. Members of the Executive Management

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