NASP/DVSA Meeting Report June 2019

  Members of NASP and staff of the DVSA recently met in Nottingham.   You can read the report of the meeting here.

DVSA – We’ve published our annual review

Over the last year, DVSA staff have worked hard to help everyone stay safe on Britain’s roads. Our annual review tells the stories of how some of our staff, through their commitment and professionalism, have made a difference to road safety. It also lets you know about some of the work we’ll be doing over […]

Consultation to ban tyres aged 10 years and older

The Department for Transport is seeking views on a proposed ban on tyres aged 10 years and older from certain vehicle types, to improve road safety.   They want to introduce regulations that ban the use of tyres aged 10 years and older on: heavy goods vehicles heavy trailers buses, coaches and minibuses The consultation […]

Smart motorways: advice from HighwaysEngland

Thanks to the ADINJC for this article.   Motorways are getting smarter but it’s still critical for drivers to keep them safe Driving safely and legally is paramount for every road user. New technology on sections of the motorway network has enabled HighwaysEngland to monitor and manage our busy roads, helping traffic flow more smoothly. Hard shoulder use One […]

John’s Blog has posted a new item, ‘Memories… when the lawyers call’

VAT Part 1 No one who has managed an organisation such as the MSA GB can get away without coming up against some legal challenges from time to time, writes John Lepine. Let’s start back in 1989 with VAT. When VAT started in 1973, it would appear, from what few records survive, that the association […]

Road Safety News w/comm 8/7/19 – in association with THINK!

Click here to read all news reports • Highways England has launched a new campaign to help drivers adapt to smart motorways. • New electric vehicles will have to feature a noise-emitting device, in a move to improve pedestrian safety. • 20mph limits will be the focus for the ‘Hot Topic’ debate at the 2019 […]

July Webinar – Road Safety GB – ADINJC

The ADINJC is pleased to be working with our sponsors, SmartDriving to bring your monthly webinars. You are invited to the July webinar from SmartDriving in assocation with the ADINJC.   The date is the 15 July  at 8pm The live webinar will be broadcast via the Zoom webinar platform or SmartDriving’s Facebook page. When: […]

Road Safety Ireland – June 2019, Tom Harrington LL B (Hons) F Inst. MTD

  This Issue … o  The Carnage Increases … o  “Operation Meltdown” o  “Smelly Tester” o  Crooked Politician o  Cap on Personal Injury Awards o  Extra Money for Walking & Cycling o  Defective Tyres – “Ticking Time Bombs” o  Cork’s Crumbling Carriageways o  “Talking Tyres” o  ‘Joker’ Knowles Banned for Speeding & Phone Use o  […]