‘Independence Day’ for many people

Thanks to Mike Yeomans for sending this in Message from Barbara Trafford at ADI Federation She wrote to Govt got reply which she will share tomorrow.     No doubt we were all sat glued to our TVs to listen to what Boris Johnson had to say about the easing of the Lockdown.  and, no […]

Notes from the Prime Minister’s Statement 10 May 2020

Notes from the Prime Minister’s Statement 10 May 2020 While in lockdown we have been in stage 4 of a 5 stage level of alert and can now start to move slowly and carefully into stage 3.  Stage 5 would have been where the NHS was totally overwhelmed. A 3 stage easing of lockdown will […]

Pit Stop – ADINJC

Pit Stop Here’s your weekend contribution from Scarborough chairman, Annabel Wallis MBE.  This week Annabel takes a look at heart rates.   Heart rate monitors are found on numerous fitness trackers these days and counting your daily steps has become extremely popular over the last few years. So for best results, train sensibly by working out […]

Coronavirus update 9 May – letter to Ministers

Coronavirus update 9 May – letter to Ministers As rumours abound about lockdown being eased we await with eagerness to hear what the Prime Minister will say in his address tomorrow.  What will it mean for us?  It’s doubtful we’ll get a mention…  and as we all know, social distancing is impossible for us, but […]

Coronavirus update 8 May

Coronavirus update 8 May At ADINJC we are surprised to hear of ADIs who have work planned for next week!  We would strongly urge everyone to wait until we hear what the PM has to say at 7pm on Sunday before starting to make any plans about going back to work. Currently we need to […]

Coronavirus update 7 May

Coronavirus update 7 May This lovely Banksy artwork has appeared at Southampton hospital, where it will stay till the autumn and then be auctioned in aid of the NHS.   Yesterday’s Money Matters webinar with Dan Hill seems to have gone down well, with 8,000 views so far.  If you’ve missed it you can see […]

Coronavirus update 6 May

This is a picture of my local, Derriford hospital in Plymouth and by amazing coincidence this rainbow came out just before 8pm last Thursday evening.  Thought you might like to see it. Theory tests have now been cancelled up to 30 May, hopefully you have all received this information.   Please help Ross from DICE […]

Aall theory tests have been cancelled

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all theory tests have been cancelled up to and including 30 May 2020. What DVSA are doing We are emailing anyone with a test booked up to 30 May 2020 to let them know it has been cancelled and that they will be automatically refunded. It can take up […]