The Driving Instructors Podcast

The Driving Instructors Podcast 62 minutes The latest episode from Dipod is now freely available for your listening pleasure! Your response is always welcome at… In this show we speak to Richard Borges from Intelligent Instructor about the magazine and the upcoming Expo and Conference on October 10th. Find the latest show at Please tell […]

A bit for the weekend

A new survey suggests that 40% of driving instructors have upped the price of driving lessons since the start of the pandemic. The survey of more than 4,000 driving instructors, was undertaken by Marmalade. It has found that instructors have been left with no choice but to up the cost of driving lessons. This is […]

Testing provision on the Shetland Isles

Testing provision on the Shetland Isles DVSA has been working to identify a new site for motorcycle module 1 and lorry tests on the Shetland Isles. Our priority has always been to provide our customers with a continued testing service on the Shetland Isles whilst balancing costs. We have worked closely with the local authority and […]

Letter to Baroness Vere on B+E training

Letter to Baroness Vere on B+E training   Dear Baroness Vere I am writing to you on behalf of NASP (National Associations Strategic Partnership) who between us represent around three quarters of the actual working driving instructors (ADIs) in the UK: this includes driver training across learners, vocational and rider training. NASP are also a […]

Driving examiner recruitment – 3 days to apply

Driving examiner recruitment – 3 days to apply There are 3 days left to apply for driving examiner roles in specific areas of England and Wales. The campaign We’re recruiting 109 car driving examiners in these areas: London and South-East England East England and the East Midlands South and South-West England Manchester area Wales – […]

Licence problems?

Licence problems? I’ve had a number of enquiries and complaints about the length of time anything to do with licences is taking.  So thought you might be interested in some information from DVLA. This gives information on – Where’s my application? – including dates of applications that are currently being processed. Online services Identity documents Contacting […]

B + E driver training

B + E driver training Many thanks to all our members who have taken the time to write in to express concerns over the proposed consultation on removing the B+E test.  We have now written to the Ministers at DfT, DWP and DEFRA to let them know how our industry feels about the proposals.  Our […]

Drivers Hazard Perception Skills

     Harrington Driver Training Services      Services Improving hazard perception skills can potentially lower the crash risk for all road users. However, teaching how to respond appropriately may be more critical for motorcyclists than for car drivers because failures in responding may result in a failure to avoid the initial hazard or a different […]