About Us

About IMTD and how we work

In every industry there needs to be a group of leaders, not necessarily visionaries but good, honest, working people who hold their industry in the highest regard.

The Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (IMTD) is just that; we consider our close-knit team to have a vast array of experience and knowledge that collectively becomes a figurehead which people look to for guidance and industry development.

Each and every single member shares two common goals, to be the best, and to deliver the best possible service to the industry in order to increase safety and professionalism.

Our Motto “Only the Best Shall Serve” demonstrates our desire to continually upgrade our knowledge and skills to make our businesses and our industry more effective with the challenges it faces.

Much of the members’ dedication is targeted at improving driver safety and the quality of driver training standards, please see our core aims to gain a greater understanding of the IMTD and what it can do.

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