Here are some useful articles in PDF format that were written by IMTD Members and aimed at ADIs for downloading and usage.  If you find them useful, we would appreciate your feedback as such.  Please use the “Contact Us” page to let us know.

Please Note – The articles below provide the opinions, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions of the author which may not be those of IMTD.

If needed, you can download a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe (opens in a new Browser Window/Tab) direct from the Adobe website.

  • Teaching Deaf People to Drive
    by Elwyn Reed MBE, IMTD Fellow.
    Deafness is not classed as a driver disability and no restrictions are placed on a full licence when a deaf driver has passed the driving test.  Driving Instructors are not often called upon to tackle this type of training and many are reluctant to undertake the task when asked to do so due to their very limited experience of deaf people and the different methods of communication required.  This document aims to provide some basic guidance to ADIs who want to instruct Deaf pupils.
  • The Impecunious Driving Instructor
    by Tom Harrington, IMTDFellow.
    This article explores the area of varying prices charged by some driving instructors for their services and why some lessons are offered at ridiculously low prices.  Criticism is levelled at sections of the industry that for years has been plagued by cheap training.  And this self-destruction is being caused by those who are classified as ‘professional instructors’.  Do these visceral ADIs lack the business acumen to cost their services properly in order to make a reasonable living and a modest profit?

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