ALR Motorways: MPs Call for ‘Evidence-Based Policymaking’

[Type the document title] Harrington Driver Training Services This Issue… ·        ALR Motorways: MPs Call for ‘Evidence-Based Policymaking’ ·        Asylum Seekers Win High Court Challenge over Driving Licences ·        New Personal Injury Guidelines ·        Powered Personal Transporters (PTTs) ·        Govt. Launches Consultation on RCIB ·        ‘Non-Prescribed’ Zebra Crossings ·        Law Breaking Princess ·        Winter Equipment […]

Airbag Fatalities: Children & Short Drivers

     Harrington Driver Training Services Air bags are a vehicular safety feature you might not think about on a daily basis. Yet, you’ll be glad they’re there if you need them. Around in concept since 1953 and making their official automobile debut in 1973, these safety devices have seen quite an evolution in the past […]

Operation SNAP: Are Whistle – Blowers ‘Saints’

Operation SNAP: Are Whistle – Blowers ‘Saints’ Harrington Driver Training Services Operation SNAP is a response to increasing submissions of video and photographic evidence relating to driving offences that members of the public have witnessed. Until now, these reports have been submitted to the police in all sorts of ways and so a streamlined process […]

Driving and the Laws of Physics

     Harrington Driver Training Services Everything in the known universe is subject to natural forces like inertia, gravity, friction and energy. Your car is no exception; in fact, it relies on the laws of physics to operate. Without natural forces, your car would be unable to start, move, stop or change direction. The way in […]

Road Safety Ireland – October  2021

     Harrington Driver Training Services ·        Maximum 3 Learner Permits ·        E-Scooters: Make Your Mind up Time ·        Powered Personal Transporters (PTTs) ·        Free Cams to Make Roads Safer ·        The Carnage Continues … ·        End of Manual Driving Licence ·        ‘L’ Drivers are ‘Hemorrhaging Money’ ·        Cost: Biggest Reason for Stalling test ·        Tall […]

Perjury  Laws & The Compensation Culture

     Harrington Driver Training Services ServiceaHr Perjury is the criminal offence of deliberately providing false information under oath about an important matter in a legal hearing. In basic terms, it is the act of lying in court. It applies to all witnesses in all types of legal proceedings, including an accused person during their own […]

ESC – The Electronic ‘Guardian Angel’

ESC – The Electronic ‘Guardian Angel’ Harrington Driver Training Services A lot of accidents are the result of a loss of control in a bend taken too fast or a need to take rapid evasive action. Most drivers find it difficult to recover from a skid or spin. With Electronic Stability Control (ESC), wheel sensors […]