Police Powers – Lawful, Just, Proportionate & Necessary?

 Police Powers – Lawful, Just, Proportionate & Necessary? Harrington Driver Training Services The purpose of policing is to protect the human rights of all members of society to live free from violence, abuse, crime and fear. The justification for police powers to arrest, search or detain, and thereby to curtail the rights of some individuals […]

The Significance of Tractor, Trailer & Farm Safety

     Harrington Driver Training Services Tractors are designed with safety in mind – these safety designs will however only help if they are used! Do not neglect maintenance. Be guided by your operator’s manual, set up a daily maintenance routine and put it on a checklist sheet for daily use. Tractor operators need to make […]

Law Enforcement – A Spotlight on Stop & Search

  Law Enforcement – A Spotlight on Stop & Search Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (April 2021) Stop and search powers are police interventions to keep people safe. They are used to address drug offences, burglary, theft and terrorism. They allow police officers to search you or your vehicle if they have reasonable […]

Road Safety Ireland – June  2021

[Type the document title] Harrington Driver Training Services This issue… ·        Driver Theory Backlog Cleared by September ·        Flying Car’s First Inter-City Flight ·        Project Edward 2021 ·        Pedestrian Crossings – Continuous Green Light ·        US Fire Truck Makes Big Arrival in Dublin Port ·        UK – Shortage of HGV Drivers ·        “Hidden Drivers” in […]

Speeding in a High-Speed Society

       Harrington Driver Training Services Speed has been identified as a key risk factor in road traffic injuries, influencing both the risk of a road crash as well as the severity of the injuries that result from crashes. Excess speed is defined as exceeding the speed limit. Inappropriate speed is defined as driving at […]

Duty of Roads Authority to Maintain and Repair Roads and Public Highways

Duty of Roads Authority to Maintain and Repair Roads and Public Highways   Harrington Driver Training Services In a High Court judgment delivered in the case of Zara McCabe –v- South Dublin County Council, by way of appeal from the Circuit Court, on the 18th November 2014, Judge Gerard Hogan re-affirmed the position of the doctrine […]

Driving & Elderly Drivers Mobility

     [Type the phone number] Harrington Driver Training Services The ability to travel is associated with freedom, activity and choice, and driving offers an important mobility option for most elderly people. Driving cessation is linked to an increase in depressive symptoms and a decline in out-of-home activity levels and community mobility. Further, for at least […]

Emergency Response Drivers – Exemptions & Non-Exemptions

     Harrington Driver Training Services Emergency response drivers play a fundamental role in health and safety operations. The main organizations that require emergency response drivers are the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services, with secondary organizations such as the National Blood Service, Coastguard Service, Lifeboat Service and Mountain and Cave Rescue service all also utilizing emergency […]