Automaticity & The Psychomotor Driving Skills Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (September 2019)

Skillful and precise driving demands complex psychomotor skills, visuospatial co-ordination, vigilance and satisfactory judgment. However, many drivers lacks these skills – especially at the learning stage – and even though they will achieve a certain skill level to drive and  pass their driving test they will struggle to become as accomplished and ‘polished’ as a […]

Kinesics & the Driver Trainer’s Body Language – Tom Harrington LL M DSA ADI F Inst. MTD

Kinesics is the interpretation of body language such as facial expressions and gestures – or, more formally, non-verbal behaviour related to movement, either of any part of the body or the body as a whole. Eye- contact is another major aspect of facial communication and it serves many purposes. Posture can be used to determine […]

Blues & Twos – The Dynamic Duo! – Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (October 2019)

 ‘Blues & Twos’ – The Dynamic Duo! Harrington Driver Training Services Abstract in Bullet Points ·        This article deals with the various emergency service lights, sirens & uses ·        How the Blues and Twos were first popularized ·        The origin of the siren (mermaid) – a musical instrument ·        Scottish inventor John Robinson ·        Legislation […]

Road Safety Ireland – November 2019 – Tom Harrington LL B (Hons.) F Inst. MTD

    Harrington Driver Training Services This issue… ü Gay Byrne RIP ü Hendon Visit ü RSA-Dysfunctional & Inefficient ü IMTD Meeting ü Virtual Reality Cycling Experience ü Smart Motorways Concern ü Alcolocks by 2020 ü On Their Baikal in Siberia ü The Carnage Continues … ü Texting Drivers ‘Brought to a Dead Stop’ ü Children […]

‘Ghost’ Insurance Brokers & Fraudster Sanctions Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (February 2019)

     Harrington Driver Training Services ‘Ghost’ insurance brokers have been operating in Ireland for some time. They make fake claims for accidents that have been staged or for some crashes that have not occurred at all. In some cases the ‘broker’ gives fraudulent documents such as no-claims discounts and driving licences, to criminal gangs in […]

Pedestrians – Look ‘Em Straight in the Eye – & Smile! – Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (August 2019)

   Some eyes are blue and some are green. Some are brown and others hazel. That’s right – you’ve guessed it – the subject of this article is predominantly about eyes or more specifically eye-contact, but more importantly than the colour of someone’s eyes is what their eyes are saying. Not only do they see […]

Road Safety Ireland – October 2019 Tom Harrington LL B (Hons.) F Inst. MTD

        This issue… v Legal Error v New Code of Conduct for Clampers v E-scooters Face €2.500 Fine for Speeding v “Off-Peak” Road Deaths v Go-Safe to Strike! v The Carnage Continues… v Truck Manufacturer’s Cartel? v E-cars to Use Bus Lanes v Whiplash Patients v Fully Charged Batteries in 10 Minutes […]

Cognition: An Essential Driving Skill – Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (January 2019)

  Cognition: An Essential Driving Skill Driving a car requires seamless interaction of multiple cognitive abilities, including attention, perceptuomotor skills, memory and decision making. Because these various cognitive functions are processed in partially segregated neural systems, damage to the brain can result in various profiles of impaired and preserved cognitive abilities. When drivers have impairments […]