Cognition: An Essential Driving Skill Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (January 2019)

  Cognition: An Essential Driving Skill Driving a car requires seamless interaction of multiple cognitive abilities, including attention, perceptuomotor skills, memory and decision making. Because these various cognitive functions are processed in partially segregated neural systems, damage to the brain can result in various profiles of impaired and preserved cognitive abilities. When drivers have impairments […]

Road Safety Ireland – September 2019 Tom Harrington LL B (Hons.) F Inst. MTD

This Issue …   v Speeding Cases Struck Out v Applus+ New NCT Contract v e-Scooters v How Did The Bat Cross The … v Tragic Death v Drunk Call v Carjacker v The Carnage Continues … v In Brief        Harrington Driver Training Services          Speeding Cases Struck Out Thousands of motorists […]

Autonomous Vehicles – Why Ethics Matter! Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (August 2019)

    The very act of driving conjures a range of strong and very human emotions. Whether it’s the feeling of freedom that the mobility of the car provides, the frustration of being stuck in traffic, the panic when realizing a potential collision looms or the joy of the open road with a favourite song […]

Is‘HighwayHypnosis’or ‘White Line Fever’ a Crime?

Highway Hypnosis also called White Line Fever [1] or Driving Without Attention Mode is a mental state in which the person can drive an automobile great distances, responding to external events in the expected manner, with no recollection of having consciously done so. It occurs most frequently on long journeys and on journeys that you […]

Road Safety Ireland – August 2019, Tom Harrington LL B (Hons.) F Inst. MTD

This issue …   Ø IAM Masters Fiasco! Ø Ludicrous –  Driving Test Dodgers Ø Autonomous Vehicles Ø DDs Escape Conviction Ø The Nostalgic Mini! Ø Sunday Fatalities – Most Dangerous Day Ø Anti-Speeding Laws Ø Downgrading Road Safety? Ø ‘Cars Never Made Contact’ Ø Brexit & Green Cards Ø The Dreaded Camera Ø Fatal […]

Road Safety Ireland – July 2019

Road Safety Ireland – July 2019   Insurance Fraud Traffic Fume Deaths ‘Guardian-Angel Technology’ Tachussi (Goodbye) ‘Beetle’ Sound of Silence Road Fatalities Up M50 Toll Dodgers Clampers Profits Up Elderly ‘Happiest Behind the Wheel Non-Compliance on PPs 1st Biomethane Filling station The Carnage Continues … “Passing-Off” & “Shamborginis” Hands-free Calls            Tom Harrington LL […]

The Velocipede – ‘Mustang of Steel

     ’      Velocipathy or cycling is a term that describes the various uses of the bicycle in daily life, covering everything from recreational riding in its many forms to professional cyclists that train and perform in sporting events, transport and utility cycling that is used by many people for both personal and business transportation […]

Is Driving Under The Influence Ever Justified?

  “No person should suffer the tragedy of losing someone as a result of drunk, drugged, or distracted driving, but for far too long the danger of impaired driving has robbed people of the comfort of knowing that when they or a loved one leaves home they will return safely. Impaired driving puts drivers, passengers, […]