Potholes-a.k.a. Distressed Pavements?

Potholes-a.k.a. Distressed Pavements? Harrington Driver Training Services Potholes are a perennial problem. They are dangerous to road users, and the damage they cause to vehicles can be hugely expensive. The cost of repairing them is also vast. But still they appear, and reappear, in countless places. So why do these pesky crevices pose such a difficult […]

The Effects of the Demerit Points System

          Harrington Driver  Training Services   Similar to other European countries, Ireland uses demerit points to enforce the Rules of the Road and improve road safety. If you commit a motoring offence, and the penalty for the offence includes penalty (demerit) points, your driving licence will be endorsed with one or more penalty […]

Road Safety Ireland – April 2021

     Harrington Driver Training Services This issue …   ·       IAM Says – Listen to motorists ·       Smart Motorways safety Improvement ·       Car Insurance to Fall After landmark Ruling ·       Highways England – Anti-Ageing Cream for Roads ·       Ambulance Technician Dies After Object Hits Windscreen ·       Undercover Cop ·       The Unexpected ·       11 Years to […]

Drivers – Anticipation or Sixth Sense?

     Harrington Driver Training Services Anticipation is a competency that has been shown to facilitate safety and eco-driving through the efficient positioning of a vehicle for probable upcoming changes in traffic. Anticipation is also the ability to see in advance. It’s a most important attribute for good driving. Anticipating something before it actually happens keeps […]

‘The Wrong Side of the Road’ – Felony Murder: The State (WA) v King (2020)

     : The State of Western Australia v King (2020) WASCSR 20   Servicesng With proposals in GB to increase the sentence for dangerous driving causing death from 14 years to life imprisonment, the following high profile Australian case may be of interest to readers who have an interest in matters legal. The case concerns […]

The Effects of Cognitive Load on Driving Performance

            Clearly I’m not a neurologist; however, I dedicate a lot of thought, time and research into things I write about. Sometimes I write about things in order to understand them–or understand them better. This is one of those times. Caveat emptor. This paper focuses on how a user’s cognitive load and driving situation can […]

Car Window Tinting – The Pros & Cons

      – The Pros & Cons Harrington Driver Training Services   In Ireland and Great Britain, car window tinting is legal up to a certain darkness level. Tinted windows on your car isn’t just an aesthetic feature however, it does have certain benefits which this article will explore. However, there are disadvantages of tinted windows […]

Road Safety News w/comm 5/4/21 – in association with THINK!

Road Safety News w/comm 5/4/21 – in association with THINK! Click here to read all news reports • There was a significant difference of opinion during a recent discussion about compulsory ABS on small PTWs, held as part of Road Safety GB’s online PTW event. • A legacy of inconsistent funding is preventing local authorities from being able to provide long […]