Road Safety Ireland – February  2021

  This Issue… Cancel Your Test Fiasco ·        HRC to Intervene in Asylum Seekers Driving Licence Case ·        Unaccompanied ‘L’ Drivers Fined ·        Legislation for E-Scooters in Public Places ·        “Harmless Toys” ·        Sentence Too Lenient ·        D/L Renewal Too Complicated ·        Failing Touch Screens ·        GEM – Review of Drink Driving Laws ·        Ford […]

Covid-19- Reckless Endangerment & The ADI

     Harrington Driver training Services Covid-19 is an insidious virus that has infected 34.1million and killed more than 1.02 million people worldwide at the time of writing.  Whilst most law-abiding and responsible citizens follow the guidelines issued by health authorities, many still disregard this important information and continue as if everyday life was normal.  This […]

Speed Choice Part 2

Speed Choice Part 2 Crash severity increases disproportionately with vehicle speed, such that a frontal impact at 35 mph, for example, is one-third more destructive than one at 30 mph. Drivers who commit driving violations, such as speeding, crash more. Driving violations reduce safety margins amplifying the impact of driver errors. Speed is placed in […]

Speed Choice – Deliberate Violation or Involuntary Error?

Speed Choice – Deliberate Violation or Involuntary Error?   Harrington Driver Training Services Speeding is a type of aggressive driving behaviour engaged in by many drivers.  Several factors have contributed to an overall rise in aggressive driving: Traffic congestion is one of the most frequently mentioned contributing factors to aggressive driving, such as speeding. Drivers […]

Tailgating – “Back Off Mate – You’re Too Close for Comfort”

       Harrington Driver Training Services The word “tailgate” not only refers to what many American football fans do before the game starts, it also refers to one driver following another vehicle too closely. Tailgating another vehicle is incredibly dangerous because you have little time to slow down if the lead driver hits the brakes. […]

Whiplash Awards May Be Halved

Whiplash Awards May Be Halved                                               Tom Harrington LL B F Inst. MTD (January 2021)   Awards for minor whiplash injuries would be cut up to 50pc under proposals being examined by the judiciary. If adopted, the move would be significant for motorists as insurers have promised to lower premiums if awards for minor injuries, […]

Road Safety Ireland – January  2021

     Harrington Driver Training Services This issue… ü The Morning After… ü 100pc Jump in Drug Tests ü Claimants – Gaming the System ü Thousands of Banned or Unlicensed Drivers Let Off ü New Speeding Fines Ditched ü £70,000 Cost of Drinking & Driving ü €100 Fine for Exceeding 5km Limit ü The Carnage Continues […]

Road Safety Ireland – February 2019

  Road Safety Ireland – February 2019   This issue:   v Prince Philip Escapes Prosecution v Driver Education Course v Garda Checkpoints -“Over the Top” v ‘Crashed Lives’ TV Advert v The Carnage Continues … v Insurance Price-fixing v Red to Go! v Haynes Manual Founder Dies v Takata Airbag Vehicle Recall v Deer […]