The Velocipede – ‘Mustang of Steel

     ’      Velocipathy or cycling is a term that describes the various uses of the bicycle in daily life, covering everything from recreational riding in its many forms to professional cyclists that train and perform in sporting events, transport and utility cycling that is used by many people for both personal and business transportation […]

Is Driving Under The Influence Ever Justified?

  “No person should suffer the tragedy of losing someone as a result of drunk, drugged, or distracted driving, but for far too long the danger of impaired driving has robbed people of the comfort of knowing that when they or a loved one leaves home they will return safely. Impaired driving puts drivers, passengers, […]

Ireland – The Ongoing Insurance Conundrum?

    Introduction T he insurance saga continues unabated. With insurance companies’ claims and counter-claims being leveled at each other, one thing is certain; it’s the paying public who are losing out and being squeezed with high insurance premiums. Car and business insurance have soared in recent times. Clearly, insurers are making huge profits at […]