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IMTD achievements in the driver training industry

The IMTD will often act as a professionally-minded  pressure group, encouraging key people to take note of issues relating to our core goals.

Our achievements include many successful campaigns such as:

  • The registration of all professional driving instructors and raising the standards for qualification; thus helping create a minimum standard for all driver trainers.
  • Improvement of the quality of the driving test, the IMTD played a key role to include parking manoeuvres on the learner driving test.
  • Produced a benchmark white-paper entitled “Teaching Deaf People To Drive“.  This important document was formulated by the late Elwyn Reed MBE, Fellow of IMTD.  A copy of this useful document is available from the link above.
  • Supported and lobbied for the administration of the register of ADI Training establishments.
  • Supported and lobbied for the harmonisation of driving tests within the European Union.
  • The hard work of the late John Milne MBE, Fellow of IMTD, resulted in the accreditation of the NVQ in Driving Instruction Level 3.

The IMTD continues to work with differing bodies both private and public and will look to provide assistance to the Department for Transport by examining the effectiveness of driver training and testing.  Through the knowledge and experience of our members we are able to give a highly accurate expert point of view and in doing so help save lives through increasing driver performance for all road users.



IMTD Management Members- The IMTD is headed by a voluntary Executive Management Committee elected by the Membership annually at the AGM in September. Members of the Executive Management

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The IMTD has been in existance since 1957 and what has happened since then is given below. The Background. Driving instruction has existed in the UK since 1903 and the driving test since 1935

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Each and every member of the IMTD puts driver safety beyond any other industry issue, it is our dedication and our core aims that have helped shape and define what driver training is today, and where it is heading.

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IMTD historical achievements – The IMTD will often act as a professionally-minded pressure group, encouraging key people to take note of issues relating to our core goals. Our achievements include many

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