IMTD Meeting Speakers

 As a Member of IMTD, attendance at our four meetings a year gives several benefits - the ability to 'network' with some of the best driver trainers and those of influence in the driver training and road safety industry, update on any new statistics or developments within the industry, and finally  the high calibre and respected external speakers on a wide variery of topics to do with road safety and driver training.

A list of the speakers, their positions held within the industry, and the naure of the subject matter they discussed are given below for illustration:

3rd December 2017:

  • John Sheridan, Driver Training Policy Manager from DVSA in an open "In conversation with ..."
  • Mike Yeomans, Director of Training UK Hull on "Is it Fact? Is it Fiction?  Is it the Future?" about methods of transport beyone 2020.

10th September 2017:

  • Toni Watkins-Burton, Senior Driver Trainer at Peeks Driver Education Centre on "View from the Cab?" highlighting the problems facing the Commercial Transport Industry as well as new developments in autonomous driving for trucks (including 'Platooning').

4th June 2017:

  • Ian Edwards, Managing Director of eDriving Solutions on "Behaviour Change in Driver Education"
  • Andrew Love, Fleet Audit Manager, RoSPA on "Driver Behaviour - Is it important in your business?"
  • David Davies, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) in an open "In conversation with ..."

5th March 2017:

  • Kevin Delaney, Road Safety Consultant from IAM RoadSmart on "Evaluation of IAMRoadSmart Drivers"
  • John Brown, Specialist Teacher and Disability Driving Instructor as well as an Author of several books on teaching on "He will do this ---!!!" about teaching people with the likesof Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Asperger's Syndrome to drive.

4th December 2016:

  • Fiona Fylan, Behavioural Specialist from Brainbox Research Ltd on "Why people drive?" and looking at young drivers in particular.
  • Nick Croft, Senior Advisor from Road Safety Support on "Points or Prison" on the support they provide to Police forces throughout most of the UK on Enforcement, Regulations, Court and Legal issues.

11th September 2016:

  • Trevor Wedge, former Chief Driving Examiner at DSA (now DVSA) on “The role of the Driving Test – Are we expecting too much?"
  • Bill Lavendar, Author and Driver Trainer on “Emergency Response Driving – Teaching best Practice

5th May 2016:

  • Nick Newton, Road Safety Team Leader from Amey on “Road Safety Audit – What We Do and Why We Do It
  • Gillian Gibbons, Chair of the Four Week Wait campaign on “The Changing Scene of Sleep Apnoea” explaining the symptons, risks, and the options, especially for long distance Drivers

28th February 2016:

  • Tom Harrington, Driving Instructor and Authow/Columnist on “A Nostalgic Look Back at Driving Instruction since the 70s
  • Graham Feest, IMTD Chairman and Secretary of AIRSO on "Consultation on Changes to the Fixed Penalty Notice and Penalty Points for the use of a hand-held Mobile Phone while Driving"