IMTD Membership

This series of pages gives details about the benefits and advantages of being a Member of the IMTD.

If you want to be an extremely well informed ADI, with regular updates on new developments in the Driver Training industry, then this is the organisation for you.

As an ADI, if you want to give your pupils (actual and potential) an excellent and knowledgeable service, then this is the organisation for you.

The IMTD exists to give high level support to it's Members working in the Driver Training industry.


The advantages of membership of the IMTD are many . . . . .

  • Network amongst some of the acknowledged best Road Safety and Driver Training experts in the Industry/Profession in the UK.
  • Being a member of what is an elite Road Safety and Training organisation to enhance your professional business.
  • Being able to attend and take part in workshops/presentations run by leading experts covering diverse motoring topics at the IMTD quarterly Meetings.
  • Receive regular information updates via Email on topical issues in the Road Safety and Driver Training field.
  • Be able to access information or have questions or enquiries answered via the IMTD membership.