How to apply

Applying for IMTD Membership?

Membership of IMTD is not just a case of paying the membership fee to join.  There is a process to ensure that you have sufficient expertise and technical knowledge to benefit from your membership of the IMTD before your membership is approved.

Regretfully, not everyone makes the grade as the joining process is very demanding, but we do accept applications from other disciplines.  Our membership is not limited solely to driver trainers as we are actively seeking to increase our level of expertise across a myriad of disciplines.

You may attend a meeting by invitation from an existing IMTD member or as a guest at the invitation of the Executive Management Committee.  At the meeting you will be requested to make an introduction to the meeting members; you may contribute to the discussion but you do not have voting rights.

Membership Application process

If you wish to become a member of the IMTD, the process is as follows.

  1. The submission of your CV (you should only include what is relevant to the driving industry).
  2. To write a paper of your thoughts and views on a motoring or road safety related subject which could be of interest to the IMTD membership as well as how you wish to assist with the IMTD core aims of driver safety and increased quality of driver training.
  3. The paper will be reviewed by senior members of the IMTD and may be discussed at the following IMTD quarterly meeting.
  4. You may be required to further expand on your reasons for joining the IMTD at a meeting.

Why is the process sound so  stringent?

There is an expectation from our associates that each member is a leading figurehead within their field and this quality of membership helps the IMTD to lobby for our core aims.

We do encourage all interested parties to take an active approach with a national association, indeed many of our members are also active within these organisations and this may be a route where you can help, volunteering your time and expertise.

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