Road Safety News w/comm 6/5/19 – in association with THINK!

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• A new campaign in Scotland is encouraging young male drivers to ‘imagine Gran is in the car’ to prevent them from slipping into dangerous habits.

• A new report is calling for harsher penalties for those caught not wearing a seat belt – suggesting the road safety community has ‘taken its eye off the ball’. (7 reader comments)

• The majority of fixed speed cameras in the UK are only activated by motorists going 10% plus 2mph above the speed limit, an investigation has confirmed. (10 reader comments)

• Teachers across the UK will soon be able to bring road safety lessons to life, with the help of a ‘world-first’ augmented reality app being made available by Road Safety GB. (3 reader comments)

• The winners of the 2019 Young Driver Road Safety Awards have been announced – with Lesley Young, the DVSA’s former head of policy and chief driving examiner, the inaugural recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

• Soundbites and images from the 2019 edition of Young Driver Focus, which took place at the RAC in London on 1 May.

• Fiona Fylan, a leading road safety behavioural change specialist, has delivered a round of ‘train the trainer’ workshops across the UK, on behalf of TTC Group. (1 reader comment)

• The condition of pavements is limiting more than 3.5 million older people from walking, a new survey suggests. (3 reader comments)

• An initiative to protect vulnerable road users in London from the ‘most dangerous’ heavy goods vehicles will launch in October, TfL has confirmed. (2 reader comments)

• IAM RoadSmart has joined GEM Motoring Assist in highlighting the dangers posed by drivers who accumulate 12 penalty points but are still permitted to drive. (3 reader comments)

• Alan Hiscox & equestrian road safety • Listen

• THINK! and young drivers • Listen

• Sgt Rob Heard & older drivers • Listen

• The future of the Road Safety GB Academy • Listen

• ‘All things 20mph’ • Listen


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• Older Road User Conference • London • 24 September 2019 • More

• National Road Safety Conference 2019 • Telford • 12-13 November 2019 • More

• Data Analysts’ Conference 2019 • London • 5 March 2019 • See the presentations

• Young Rider Focus Conference 2019 • Birmingham • 6 March 2019 • See the presentations

• Young Driver Focus Conference 2019 • London • 1 May 2019 • See the presentations

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