RSGB Talk – discussing seat belt safety with Evan Webster

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In the latest RSGB Talk podcast, host Edward Seaman is joined by Evan Webster from PACTS to discuss seat belts – and whether they have become the ‘forgotten road safety priority’.

Evan Webster is a policy and research officer at the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) and co-authored a report, published in April 2019, highlighting interventions which should be employed to increase seat belt wearing rates.

Before debating those interventions – the most headline grabbing of which is an introduction of three penalty points for not wearing a seat belt – Evan explained the characteristics of non-wearers, as well as outlining reasons for non compliance.

He also shared the logic behind the report title: ‘Seat belts: the forgotten road safety priority’.

Away from penalties and enforcement, Evan and Edward discuss road safety education – and whether current activities and interventions should be reviewed to establish whether seat belt wearing is given due prominence.

Public support is also considered, with Evan outlining the findings of a survey, carried out by Brake and Direct Line, in which 72% of respondents backed the introduction of penalty points for those found not wearing a seat belt.

The conversation concludes with Evan revealing two new research projects PACTS are currently working on, including a focus on drink driving.

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